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Back trainers

Back trainers

5 Artikel


  1. FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer
    3868 FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Trains back and buttocks.
    • Reduces posture related back pain.
    • Cushion adjusts to 12 vertical positions.
    • Grip supports aid in training.
    CHF 199.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  2. FINNLO by HAMMER AB & Back Trainer
    3869 FINNLO by HAMMER AB & Back Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Multi-function device: ab and back workouts as well as torso and arm workouts.
    • 7x adjustable backrest.
    • Negative ab exercises also possible.
    • 6x height-adjustable lower leg support.
    CHF 249.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  3. FINNLO by HAMMER Multi-Lat-Tower
    3877 FINNLO by HAMMER Multi-Lat-Tower

    sofort lieferbar

    • Weight rack
    • Small and compact in black
    • Seat adjusts vertically
    • Incl. cable for rowing and biceps training
    CHF 599.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  4. Pro Back Training Set
    RueckenGut-Set-Pro Pro Back Training Set

    sofort lieferbar

    • Set of 4 products incl. accessories
    • Even with limited space, you can set up a back training corner at home
    • Extensive back training in a small space
    • All areas of the trunk muscles can be strengthened through the mix of devices!
    CHF 1,144.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  5. FINNLO by HAMMER Pull-Up Wallbar, 2-part
    3918 FINNLO by HAMMER Pull-Up Wallbar, 2-part

    sofort lieferbar

    • Sturdy steel construction.
    • Handles up to 120 kg.
    • 2 separate parts, perfect for every arm length.
    • Eyelets for sling training.
    CHF 129.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping

Back trainers - exercise your back at home

Millions of people in Germany suffer from back pains. Most complaints concern the lumbar spine. A lack of muscle activity, heavy physical labor, long periods of sitting, or even just incorrect posture result in complaints in this area. As these muscles are hardly strained in everyday life, the muscles in the back are mostly underdeveloped. A that you can use at home is helpful in this regard.

All back trainers available in the HAMMER SPORT Online Shop are ideally suited to strengthening the lower back. The FINNLO back trainer Tricon, for example, is small and compact. The back trainer works your back extensor muscles and – with the help of 12 different height settings – can be adjusted to suit any size. You can easily store the back trainer thanks to the folding mechanism.

You can also effectively get your torso into shape with the FINNLO Ab & Back-Trainer. You can strengthen all your abdominal muscles, your buttocks and your back musculature with this multi-functional back trainer.

Exercising with the back trainer

When exercising with the FINNLO Tricon back trainer or the Ab & Back Trainer, start by placing your pelvis on the cushion. Your legs are fixed into place with a second cushion over the ankles. In the starting position your legs and upper body form a line, and your buttocks and stomach are tensed. Move your upper body downward with your back straight, briefly hold the position, and move your upper body back to the starting position.

When exercising with the back trainer, make sure you execute your movements uniformly and slowly. In order to work the deep back musculature, you can deliberately bend your back briefly before moving upward and move vertebra by vertebra when sitting up.

Test out back trainers

If you still need help making a decision, you can test out the various back trainers on site in our HAMMER SPORT Factory Stores. You can also call our fitness experts if you have questions regarding back exercises. You can also get information about our fitness equipment in Bonn or Duisburg.

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