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Ab trainer

Ab trainer

10 Artikel


  1. HAMMER AB-Sensation Abdominal Trainer
    6632 HAMMER AB-Sensation Abdominal Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Additional weights for intensive workout (2 x 300 g).
    • Workout computer (time, repetitions, calories).
    • Includes workout mat (174 cm x 61 cm x 0.5 cm).
    • Ergonomic head/neck support.

    statt CHF 65.00

    nur CHF 49.00

    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  2. HAMMER Weight Bench Ab Bench Perform One
    4516 HAMMER Weight Bench Ab Bench Perform One

    sofort lieferbar

    • Weight bench with a wide variety of training possibilities
    • Foot padding for extensive ab training
    • Collapsible stand foot for inverted angles
    • Handlebar for the easiest access and upper body stability
    CHF 299.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  3. Bikini Fit Set
    Bikini-Fit-Set-Frauen Bikini Fit Set

    sofort lieferbar

    • Set aus 5 Produkten
    • Body-Toning für Ihre Bikinifigur
    • Umfangreiches Workout auf kleinstem Raum
    • Effektives Bauch-, Arm- und Rumpftraining für straffe Haut
    CHF 119.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  4. Beach Body Set
    Beach-Body-Set-Maenner Beach Body Set

    sofort lieferbar

    • Set aus 5 Produkten - Workout auf kleinstem Raum
    • Perfekte Geräte-Kombination für gezieltes Training für Ihre Strandfigur
    • Krafttraining / Muskelaufbau / Body Forming
    • Effektives Bauch-, Arm- und Oberkörpertraining
    CHF 319.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  5. FINNLO by HAMMER AB & Back Trainer
    3869 FINNLO by HAMMER AB & Back Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Multi-function device: ab and back workouts as well as torso and arm workouts.
    • 7x adjustable backrest.
    • Negative ab exercises also possible.
    • 6x height-adjustable lower leg support.
    CHF 249.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  6. Men's Health Powertools Ab Trainer AB-TRAX
    5060 Men's Health Powertools Ab Trainer AB-TRAX

    sofort lieferbar

    • Effective ab muscle workout through the combination of crunches and knee raises
    • Ab trainer with workout computer
    • Transport rollers so you can move your ab trainer around the room
    • Rod for additional weights to intensify your workout sessions

    from CHF 349.00

    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  7. FINNLO by HAMMER AB-Dominox Abdominal Trainer
    3740 FINNLO by HAMMER AB-Dominox Abdominal Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Ab trainer with trusted studio quality.
    • Ergonomic head cushion with tilt.
    • Power belt for more intensive training and more exercise variations.
    • Anti-slip profile for maximum stability on any surface.
    CHF 69.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  8. HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer
    6631 HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Foam-covered handholds.
    • Head/neck support.
    • Arm rest.
    • Fold-able.
    CHF 42.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  9. Men's Health Powertools ab trainer X-EFFECT
    5031 Men's Health Powertools ab trainer X-EFFECT

    sofort lieferbar

    • Travel ab trainer including Power-Belt strap for more effective workouts
    • Fits in any bag
    • Even while on holiday or on a business trip you will have time for your abs
    • You can do straight crunches, side crunches and static crunches
    CHF 19.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  10. HAMMER Boot Camp Pro
    6634 HAMMER Boot Camp Pro

    sofort lieferbar

    • Power set for your own boot camp at home.
    • Ab training with the AB Roller ab trainer.
    • Condition training with the Fit jump rope.
    • Push-up workouts with the push-up bars.
    CHF 65.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping

Ab trainer - successfully obtaining a six-pack

Ab trainers make your stomach flat and firm. But a six-pack doesn't just look desirable; it is also important to the body. Together with the back musculature, the abdominal muscles form a type of corset that protects your spine with every movement.

Ab trainers are ideal for building up your abdominal musculature. Ab trainers simulate an optimal sequence of movement and protect you from improper weight bearing. Generally, a distinction can be made between ab rollers (which support the upper body's rolling up movement while laying down) and leg lifting devices (which imitate leg lifting). You can use both types of ab trainers to effectively work the front and side abdominal musculature.

You can find a large selection of affordable ab trainers in the HAMMER Online Shop. The Ab-Trax ab trainer from Men'sHealth POWERTOOLS is highly effective. This ab trainer combines the classic crunch and knee lifting exercises and guarantees an intense ab muscle workout. You can enhance the Ab-Trax ab trainer with additional weights.

HAMMER makes a particularly inexpensive ab trainer: the HAMMER Ab Roller. The classic ab trainer is perfect for beginners. Those who would like to work out at home professionally and with equipment that exhibits reliable fitness studio quality cannot get around the FINNLO ab trainer Ab and back trainer. With its overhead handholds, the Ab-Tech offers diverse six-pack exercise options and quickly yields results when combined with the right nutrition.

Exercising with the ab trainer

Exercising with the ab trainer is easy. The HAMMER ab trainer Ab-Sensation, for example, is the ideal beginner model. The sequence of movement is back-friendly, and your abdominal musculature is worked in a targeted manner.

When exercising be sure that your legs are bent and your feet are planted on the ground. Advanced individuals lift their heels, flex their feet, and tense their buttocks when working their ab muscles. The head is placed on a neck cushion. To start the exercise, roll your upper body from the floor and briefly hold the tension. Return to the starting position in a controlled manner.

We recommend the FINNLO ab trainer Ab-Tech for more intense ab workouts and even more exercise variations. Use the overhead handholds when exercising so that you pre-tense your abdominal musculature before you start the exercise. This makes ab workout more intense.

You work the entire abdominal musculature in one movement with the Men's Health ab trainer Ab-Trax. Kneel on the cushion and hold on to the handholds. Then move your knee to your chin and briefly maintain the tension. The combined effect of crunches and knee lifts makes this exercise a highly intense one that works your entire abdominal musculature.

Test out ab trainers

Still not sure? Then come pay us a visit in one of our HAMMER SPORT Factory Stores and test the ab trainers on site. You can also call us to get advice about ab trainers, abdominal muscle exercises and six-packs. We also deliver our ab trainers to Bremen or Essen.

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