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  1. SOLE by HAMMER Stepper SC200
    3413 SOLE by HAMMER Stepper SC200

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    • Stair climbing! The best fitness workout in everyday life now for your home
    • Fluid and smooth movement- the perfect ergonomics
    • Fatburn program
    • AUX port for music (with iPhone/iPod, etc.)

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A stepper is the perfect training companion if you want to get your legs and bum back into shape. These highly effective training machines have a threefold effect: they will improve your overall fitness and endurance and increase your metabolic rate. Having a stepper at home means that you can do your fitness training whenever you like, all year round – no matter what the weather is like outside. These practical helpers are assembled and ready in seconds and are completely intuitive in their handling. Problem areas like legs and bum get a thorough, targeted and effective workout with your stepper. Stepper training burns plenty of calories and will help you lose weight the healthiest way possible.

Why a stepper?

The very first steppers were introduced to the market in the late 1980s. The concept was originally based on the simple step used in step aerobics and has been developed further ever since. Steppers basically simulate the movement walking up stairs and primarily address the muscles in the legs and behind. The most basic version consists of two offset flat areas for the feet, which are moved up and down by stepping onto each footplate one after the other. Steppers usually feature a coupled step mechanism. When one footplate is stepped down on, the other is automatically lifted. This design has the advantage that the motion sequence is always conducted ergonomically correctly. A so-called decoupled mechanism, in which each footplate must be activated independently, is much more sophisticated in terms of technology and does not offer any advantages in terms of muscle training, which is why these model types are much less popular. State-of-the-art steppers feature additional resistance straps and support bars for the arms to target more muscle groups during training. Very high quality machines like the SOLE SC200 by HAMMER come with additional extras like handrails, magnetic or electromagnetic resistance systems, state-of-the-art on-board training computers and more.

Unsurprisingly, steppers have been very successful in the fitness segment for decades. The well-known problem areas legs and bum are addressed directly and effectively – say goodbye to unsightly fat deposits and sagging skin and hello to a supple, firm beach body. Regular workout sessions in combination with a healthy diet will support sustainable weight loss and toning long term.

Who can use a stepper?

Anyone, who is able to walk up a flight of stairs can use a stepper! So-called “advice” offered online that people with knee or hip problems should stay away from steppers is completely unfounded. The well rounded guide mechanism of the foot plates makes the sequence of movements very ergonomic and comparable to exercising on a cross trainer or elliptical trainer.

Tip: Choosing the right footwear for your training is very important. Use suitable jogging shoes or sneakers. Exercising in regular street shoes is not recommended. So-called “barefoot shoes”, but also regular sports shoes are a good choice for the stepper to ensure the most natural weight distribution and stability.

Benefits and effects of the stepper

  • Beautifully defined legs and bum
  • Tightened connective tissue
  • Targeted weight loss
  • High calorific burn values (500-700 kcal/h)
  • Place-saving, can be placed virtually anywhere
  • Visible results after short, regular exercise units of 15 minutes each

What to look out for when purchasing a stepper

  • On-board training computer and hand pulse sensors
  • Stability and non-slip tread
  • Resistance system
  • Noise levels
  • Material and finish
  • Extras

On-board training computer and hand pulse sensors

Simple steppers function on the basis of resistance cylinders, in which the difficulty level can only be adjusted mechanically via a setting wheel. Due to their structure, these devices do not offer selectable training programmes via a training computer. If you don’t want to do without training programmes and also wand hand pulse sensors for measuring heart rates, then you will have to look at a slightly higher price range. In addition to plenty of extras, these models will also allow a much more intensive training. The on-board training computers provided with premium machines like the SOLE SC200 by HAMMER display the number of steps, climbed metres, heart rate, calorie consumption, time and difficulty level for your training unit and offer a variety of programmes that will keep you motivated for a long time. Heart rate-controlled training, in which resistance automatically adapts to your heart rate, is particularly popular.

Stability and non-slip tread

Any stepper – including mini steppers – should come with a robust metal frame. High quality machines are robust and offer a long service life. Well-rounded movement sequences and therefore a relaxed, joint-friendly workout can only be guaranteed with a robust, well-built design. The footplates should be made of an anti-slip material to prevent accidents. A stepper with handrails or bars will add more safety and will help you maintain your balance.

Resistance system

Basic steppers use hydraulic cylinders for step resistance. More sophisticated steppers come with magnetic or electromagnetic resistance systems. These allow the setting of higher resistances and also allow the use of electronic functions like heart rate-controlled training programmes, which increase the steppers efficacy.

Noise levels

Buying a low-noise device for your home is always advisable – you don’t want trouble with the neighbours! Some of the more low-cost devices can be pretty noisy.


It is always a good idea to have a look at the range of extras offered, for example an MP3 port. Higher quality steppers usually offer some sort of tray unit for a book or a tablet PC. A water bottle holder, fan and transport rollers can also come in very handy.

Test our steppers at our HAMMER stores

HAMMER will definitely have the right stepper to get you perfectly into shape. You might want to get some more information or try out our range of steppers before making a definite decision – what better way than to visit one of our HAMMER stores and having a look yourself! Our experts are waiting to assist you with knowledgeable advice in many cities around Germany, including Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt and will be happy to answer any questions you may have in a friendly environment. Our HAMMER stores are looking forward to your visit!

Stepper training


The warm-up phase is very important, as it prepares the body for coming strain. A 5-minute warm-up will also reduce the risk of injury, as it not only gets the muscles, joints and tendons moving, it also gets your cardiovascular system ready for exertion. Set the stepper to lowest resistance for the first few minutes and begin your training unit slowly and relaxed. Use the handrails or do your own arm exercises to activate the muscles in your upper body as well.

The right stance

Stand up straight on the footplates. Lean the upper body slightly forward. The handrails are not made to lean on or to just hold on – they are meant as a guide for your arm movements. Starting out, the soles of your feet should be flat on the footplates. Roll your foot during the stepping motion, ensuring that your foot never loses contact with the footplate.


Before you start dialling up the training intensity, you should first extend the duration of your training. Only once you are able to step evenly and continuously for at least 25 minutes per training session, should you think about increasing the step resistance. Do not lean on the stepper to make stepping easier. Instead, you should get used to the correct stance right from the start. Begin with 2-3 training units per week and try out the various training programmes on offer to keep things interesting. The training programmes with variable speeds and resistances will have you getting fitter faster, will burn lots more calories and will enhance fat burning.

Achieving your goals

Tightened skin on your legs, a firm, well shaped bum, weight-loss and a more powerful cardiovascular system – these are very realistic training objectives when using a stepper and can be achieved by anyone. Long-term success will need your continued motivation. Schedule specific training times during the week – after all: we are all creatures of habit. Fixed times on specific days will make it easier for you to stick with it! Your body will become used to regular exercise and will be ready for it, which means your stepper training will soon become a natural part of your day, just like getting out of bed or brushing your teeth. Other motivators can also help: Listen to your favourite music or watch a programme you like while you exercise.

HAMMER experts hotline: 043 - 544 21 69

You aren’t really sure if you should buy a stepper, a treadmill or an ergometer and need some advice? Our experts are waiting for you in our HAMMER stores and on the phones to give you the advice you need to make the choice that is right for you. Take advantage of the expertise of our certified fitness trainers and knowledgeable product consultants. Get the information you need to choose the most effective and innovative product for you.

Fitness is our life here at HAMMER SPORTS We will be very happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have on the topics of fitness, training and nutrition. We will continue to be available for you for questions and advice once you have purchased your HAMMER training machine – you will never be left to fend for yourself, we promise! We will be there to help you achieve your fitness goals and can’t wait to offer you whatever support you need – your success is our motivation.

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