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Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer

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  1. FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR
    3218 FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR

    sofort lieferbar

    • High-speed elliptical machine incl. chest strap heart rate measurement
    • Up to 25% more calories burned
    • High-quality ball bearing
    • Hand brake to stop the machine immediately
    CHF 2,249.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  2. HAMMER PRO LINE Elliptical Cross Trainer EX7
    4101 HAMMER PRO LINE Elliptical Cross Trainer EX7

    sofort lieferbar

    • High quality and clear dual tone display
    • Integrated speakers for listening to music
    • Ergonomically healthy step width of only 10 cm
    • Stable, and solid construction
    CHF 799.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  3. FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis SX1
    3209 FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis SX1

    sofort lieferbar

    • Ideal for joint-friendly endurance training at home.
    • Premium elliptical trainer with a 46 cm stride length.
    • 12 Intensity profiles.
    • Only 16 cm tread gap.
    CHF 1,099.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  4. SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical E95
    3409 SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical E95

    sofort lieferbar

    • Adjustable pedals and power incline for a perfect workout
    • Professional stride length of 55 cm
    • Fatburn Programm
    • New! Computer with Bluetooth connection for free SOLE App
    CHF 2,699.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  5. SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E98
    3441 SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E98

    sofort lieferbar

    • Semi-professional elliptical trainer
    • AUX connection (to hook up any MP3 player)
    • Fatburn programm and fitness test
    • TFT display computer with Bluetooth connection for free SOLE App
    CHF 3,399.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  6. FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Spirit E-Glide Elliptical Trainer
    3955 FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Spirit E-Glide Elliptical Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Speed transmission system for double disc rotation
    • Up to 25% more calories burned
    • Premium precision ball bearings
    • Hand brake for immediate training halt
    CHF 2,499.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  7. SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E25
    3408 SOLE by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E25

    sofort lieferbar

    • 20 incline Levels
    • Aux port for Handy / iPod
    • Fatburn Programm
    • New! Computer with Bluetooth connection for free SOLE App
    CHF 2,199.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  8. FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer
    3950 FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer

    sofort lieferbar

    • Training resistance up to 200 Watt
    • Power supply via integrated generator
    • Elliptical trainer in the HA class
    • Cardio training with fitness test
    CHF 3,499.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  9. FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000
    3216 FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000

    sofort lieferbar

    • Professional stride length of 50 cm
    • Tablet/ Smartphone holder and USB port to charge electronic device
    • 10 cm Footplate spacing
    • Drinking bottle holder
    CHF 1,299.00
    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping
  10. SOLE by HAMMER Stepper SC200
    3413 SOLE by HAMMER Stepper SC200

    sofort lieferbar

    • Stair climbing! The best fitness workout in everyday life now for your home
    • Fluid and smooth movement- the perfect ergonomics
    • Fatburn program
    • AUX port for music (with iPhone/iPod, etc.)

    statt CHF 1,999.00

    nur CHF 1,599.00

    Inkl. MwSt., excl. shipping

Elliptical trainers

Nowadays, elliptical trainers number amongst the most beloved endurance machines in fitness studios. Their importance is also increasing when it comes to home use, as the elliptical trainer's effective, joint-friendly exercise feeling can finally be experienced at home. In contrast to classical crosstrainers, an elliptical trainer's motion sequence is flat and long, very similar to jogging/running while with a crosstrainer, an up and down movement is paramount, similar to classic steppers and climbing stairs. The modern elliptical trainers from HAMMER offer ingenious training technology with which various muscles groups can be worked at the same time, maximizing calorie consumption and the success of your training. But how exactly does an elliptical trainer work? And what distinguishes it from an crosstrainer? We have summarized the most important information about the elliptical trainer for you so that you can find the right model for your home and make your cardio training even more intense.

The difference between elliptical trainers and crosstrainers - what characterizes an elliptical trainer?

The terms "elliptical trainer" and "crosstrainer" continue to be used frequently as synonyms even though there are fundamental differences between the two fitness machines, which also distinguish themselves from one another in terms of how they function:

  • Position of the flywheel

The most noticeable difference between the cardio machines is the position of the flywheel. The flywheel is placed on the front of the elliptical trainer, i.e. the elliptical trainer is a so-called "front-wheel cardio machine". In contrast, the flywheel is placed in the back on the crosstrainer.

  • Motion sequence

Elliptical trainers function with a flatter, more expansive motion sequence; with their large and low circuit of momentum, they are very comparable to cross-country skiing. Endurance training is particularly joint-friendly and protects the spine from strong impact forces. In contrast, the motion sequence on an crosstrainer is characterized by a strong up and down movement. However, the form of movement is still elliptical and superbly minimizes stress on the joints. This means that an crosstrainer workout is closer to jogging and stepping and is generally considered to be somewhat more strenuous.

  • Intermediate hinge

Elliptical trainers are equipped with an intermediate hinge in the pedal mechanism. This intermediate hinge is meant to reduce the forces that arise and to contribute to a smooth sequence of motion.

Training effects on the elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer numbers is another type of cardio machine and is used for endurance training, fat burning, and body shaping.

The synchronized and opposite movement of the arms means that you use the large muscle groups of the torso (stomach, chest, back) as well as the shoulder girdle and arm musculature you exercise. In contrast to the bicycle ergometer or the treadmill, the result is more calories burned, as a larger muscle mass needs more energy and oxygen. This means you will burn more fat and lose more weight as long as you keep your metabolism in the aerobic range and do not overexert yourself while exercising (see also endurance training). The elliptical trainer is optimally suitable for losing excess weight and slimming and shaping your body.

You strengthen your entire body as a result of the high muscular strain. Your tissue is tightened, and the zone around your thigh and buttocks is ideally shaped.

But not just your looks will improve; health and comfort also increase with a gentle workout on a HAMMER elliptical trainer. Your entire cardiovascular system becomes more powerful and works more efficiently. You also lower your blood values and improve your mood in everyday life thanks to the release of numerous happy hormones.

Comfortable workout with HAMMER premium quality

From the pedals to the training computer: when it comes to its elliptical trainer models, HAMMER focuses on the highest-quality materials and most modern technology. For example, permanent magnet and induction brake systems provide very precise intensity settings, which allows you to exercise with high or low output and to slowly increase your fitness level by fine-tuning the amount of strain. Both beginners and advanced individuals can effectively design their endurance training with the elliptical trainer in a way that focuses on individual goals.

FINNLO elliptical trainer Spirit E-Glide sets itself apart from the competition with an extremely low footplate distance of only 10cm and a maximum step length of 51cm. Furthermore, precision ball bearings and a maintenance-free drive system makes you feel like you are exercising at the gym.

This elliptical trainer combines the classic movement of the elliptical trainer with the professional drive of an indoor cycle. Additionally, it comes with a double-transmission system that makes it possible to double plate rotation and to significantly increase speeds even with low resistance. A power workout is guaranteed!

FINNLO Ellypsis SX1 sets itself apart with a step length of 46cm and a diversity of programs that keep you motivated. 20kg centrifugal mass and a transmission ratio of 1:9 ensure a uniform sequence of motion.

FINNLO MAXIMUM elliptical trainer FINNLO MAXIMUM elliptical trainer is the perfect machine for use in hotels or for sophisticated home requirements. 12cm footplate distance and a maximum step length of 51cm result in a professional and particularly comfortable exercise session as well as a natural, harmonious sequence of motion.

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